Waterfowl Hunting (also called wildfowling or waterfowl shooting in the UK) is the practice of hunting ducks, geese, or other waterfowl for food and sport. In many western countries, commercial waterfowl hunting is prohibited, and duck hunting is primarily an outdoor sporting activity.

Many types of ducks and geese share the same habitat, have overlapping or identical hunting seasons, and are hunted using the same methods. Thus it is possible to take different species of waterfowl in the same outing.

Hunting with a goose or duck guide can be done in crop fields where they feed, or, more frequently, on or near bodies of water such as rivers, lakes, ponds, swamps, sloughs, or oceanic coastlines. So when it comes to your next goose or duck hunting guide, go no further and book your trip with us.

​​Waterfowl Hunting Guide Service

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​ Scheduled Hunting Guide Waterfowl Rates

Early (September 1st-25th) season Canadian Geese $250 per person

Early duck guide season (October) $200 per person

Sea duck guide hunts (November) $250 per person

Late duck guide season November and (December) $225 per person

(January) Finger Lakes $250 per person

​Snow goose guide hunts, hunt till 5 pm $225 per person